Sunday, June 17, 2012

Revival Of The Six Samurai

Yes, I really am giving you two posts that aren't over a whole week apart. Consider yourselves lucky. So, today was locals. Yeah, I too was surprised that I actually ended up going since it has been about a month since I last went.

I was keen to try my hand at a couple of battle pack boosters but they had managed to sell out of a whole CASE of the stuff. No biggie really, but I can't believe that it could go so quickly. But now, on to the tournament report. There were even more people there that I had never met before, so I didn't catch many names. Sorry if this post is again about Six Samurais but at least it's not a deck/card analysis of them this time right?

Deck Used: At this point, it's pretty obvious that it's Six Samurai lol

Match 1: Sorry didn't catch your name w/ Chaos Dragon (teched Monk, The Fabled Rubyruda and Galaxy-Eyes)
* Duel 1 - I had no idea what he was running but I had a decent hand so I decided to hit first and setup quickly. Turned out to be a good idea once Shi En and Enishi locked the board down not even two turns later.
* Duel 2 -I drew alright in terms of my Samurai line-up, but it wasn't good enough to go alone. So I let him have his second turn. After that, I drew into a Bottomless and let him have at it. I had a sub-par field in terms of monsters with only a Kizan and Grandmaster at one point. However the bottomless bought me a turn by banishing Light Pulsar and after drawing and setting mirror force when he had not even 3 cards in hand, it was all over.

Match 2: William w/ Gravekeepers
Quick shout out to Will, he managed to place 7th in the recent Nats just gone by so well done to him. Quite an achievement.
* Duel 1 - Samurai flooded the field thanks to Dojo and the special summon powers the Samurais possess. Enishi helped clean up. Naturia Beast stopped all his plays cold.
* Duel 2 - Samurai gave me another great hand and it only got better. I tried to tread really carefully since I knew he would have sided heavily and well. Also he had Dualitied into Torrential. With 2 Dojo, United and Kizan in my opening hand facing his facedown monster, I played them all to get the counters going and set Fiendish Chain and Warning. The next turn Warning dealt with the flipped up Spy. I then drew some other removal card for my turn before using United to draw one. It was Gateway. I left my turn there, Fiendish chain stopped whatever he was trying to do and it was mine again. I summoned Kagemusha and he Torrentialed but that made no difference with gateway on 4, and both Dojos on two. After a flurry of special summons, my field was Hand, 2 Kizans, Shi En and Grandmaster. Hand destroyed the facedown just in case it was a Snowman or something else dangerous. And the other four guys all went in for the otk after I called Gorz with Prohibition, just in case. He revealed his had to have had 2 Fossil Dynas in it. He didn't want to set it because of his facedown Torrential but it cost him big. On an entirely random note, I don't know why it took people so long to accept playing Dojo was a great idea. I played 2 even when Gateway was at 3, because as ridiculous as Gateway was in terms of advantage, Dojo put the thing straight onto the field for you.

By this point I was only 1 of 2 who had won all their games.
Match 3: Sorry I never got your name w/ Inzektors
* Duel 1 - I drew really well again. I can't remember what synchro I put down but it was a decent field. Actually it was most likely Naturia Beast from memory. With 2 Warnings over two turns to deal with Centipede and a desperate potential Hornet onto Hornet play, I took this decisively. I was going to activate Prohibition (super-awesome tech) after and call Hornet anyway though.
* Duel 2 - I smelt a set sangan so I left it while I tried to draw into better stuff. On either turn 2 or 3 I exploded with a Dojo and in-hand Samurais to again put Enishi down next to Shi En (again lol) which has to be the most broken play ever. I also had 2 Kizans or something like that, so after boosting Shi En to 3000atk another otk appeared, with Sangan not being able to give him anything to search that would have saved him. Sorta felt bad because this match honestly took no time at all. This also surprised me greatly, because I was really worried about Inzektors the most.

Match 4: Tyson w/ Windups
* Duel 1 - We started and I drew a very non-offensive hand with a ton of backrows (Solemn and Warning), so I slowly put them out turn after turn. I tried to Kageki and Kagemusha with a Dojo up, but a Book of Moon foiled my plans. Solemn Judgement stopped his Heavy Storm, and his attempt at a Zenmaioh was stopped thanks to Warning. So next turn I flipped up Kageki and synched into Shi En anyway and I brought out a Hand as a bit of backup. The turning point occurred after I had a Shi En up and we were both down to few cards. He summoned Tour Guide to which I Fiendish Chained. He activated a Seven Tools which I did not see coming, but thankfully I had a Magatama to deal with that and the next turn I had it in the bag. But then the round had to restart and everyone was re-paired which REALLY sucked.

Match 4 (take 2): Chris (the one who played Bubblebeat last time) w/ Dino Rabbits
I thought this would be a difficult match and boy was I correct.
* Duel 1 - I started which was fortunate. I had a hand that wasn't doing very much and I didn't know what he was playing so I just set Fiendish Chain. He opened Rabbit into Laggia which I tried to Chain, but a Lance dealt with that. He then set a backrow. I Heavy stormed the field which he didn't negate. I summoned activated Gateway, summoned Enishi but just to be sure, he negated its summon, which made my in-hand Grandmaster very sad. I was saving my Hand and Grandmaster for later though. That was of course, until he top-decked another Rabbit next turn, going into pair of Sabersaurus and that right there was game anyway. Never mind how I would have tried to get around another Laggia.
* Duel 2 - On turn 1 I drew absolutely amazingly with a Kagemusha, double Ascetism and Gateway. So naturally I decided to go all out and lock him out of the game sooner rather than later. Naturia Beast, Utopia and Grandmaster held him off for a while but he had drawn a mediocre hand, so my traps were able to stop his two or so major summons. Shi En came down for a bit of protection against traps but he had nothing, while a Kizan and Kagemusha combined to make Brionac (what's this white card) to bounce his last card and finish it up.
* Duel 3 - On turn 1 I made a Naturia Beast and Utopia again to try and stop him cold. I was also rather confident thanks to having both Book Of Moon and Bottomless set. His Tour Guide made Leviathan Dragon which I let though so I could save my traps for the Dinos. Leviathan attacked an Utopia defended. Turn 2 I made a Shi En, crashed my Utopia into Leviathan and ended. He set and passed. I attacked a facedown vanilla and he put Gorz down on my Shi En's attack. I set Mirror Force and ended. He put Gorz to attack position, leaving the token in defence. Mirror Force got rid of Gorz and from this point on I just tried to build up an offence, stopping another exceed play with Black Horn along the way. I couldn't get rid of the token for ages because it was too big but he couldn't push because he didn't have many playable monsters, and couldn't use anything under Naturia Beast's effect. A Sabersaurus never screwed me over when I forgot that I couldn't use either Shi En or Beast's effect during the damage step (massive duh) when Lance was played. Shi En tried to use Kageki to save himself but his Fiendish Chain said no to that. I had no response so he died. Sadface :( My field was Kageki, Beast, Book, Bottomless against his Sabersaurus and Gorz Token still in defense. I top-decked a RoTA and nearly cried. My deck had honestly answered my calls all day and even done better than than. Haven't opened the nuts this many times. It's never drawn this well for a whole day before. Let alone such quality opposing decks. He had no in hand cards, so I naturally searched Enishi and he was able to bounce the Gorz token thanks to Kageki still being on the field. Beast ran over Sabersaurus, and Kageki and Enishi finished off his last 800lp that I'd been trying to put through for like 7 turns at least.

So yeah, I actually ended up winning locals for the first time which was pretty kewl since I really just went there to play again with everyone more than anything. Got the new Turbo Pack 8 and 2 packs of Galactic Overlord. Pulled shit out of both which didn't surprise me because I only packsack really good foils from OCG packs for some reason. Don't ask me why. Managed to pick up another ultra Malicious for collection, along with a Mystic Piper, Kinka-Byo (yeah, bet you can't get what I'm trying to make), Hanzo, Maestroke, Duality, Shi En for someone else, 2 Binders for mates back in Brunei, and even more stuff. Really was a productive day. No one had Battle Pack Tour Guides for sale so stuff it, I'm just going to buy some for myself online.

As for the decklist itself, Hand proved to be really good again as always, but Naturia Beast was great. Shi En getting lured out is gay and as long as you have a couple of traps to back Beast with, it proves to be a very effective lock. Can't wait till I get the Gandiva to totally screw Rabbits over with. Also more protection against Wind-ups is never a bad thing. Didnt't need Roach today against Chaos Dragons and the like which surprised me. However, the MVP of the day was definitely Enishi. No card tells your opponent it's over like him. Black Horn's raw power against Dino-Rabbit was surprising. Definitely gonna be siding it in a bit more against them. Yes I did draw really retardedly today, but it's got to happen sometimes, right? Especially with Samurai. You know the story.

Prohibtion proved useful but I usually was going to win anyway when I had it. But it was great to be able to know that if I had any doubts about what could happen to my field and place in the duel, I could call the card that was most likely going to cause me problems. And say that I didn't have game in those situations, Prohibition would have put me in a much stronger position than I would have been. I usually sided these out in game two which might seem counter-intuitive. However, once you know what you're playing against while still in Duel 1, Prohibition can stop whatever you want it to stop at that specific point in time, so it's never dead. It gets around the common problem of, for example, running something like Bottomless in your main, playing against Inzektors and in Duel 1 realising that you've got two dead cards in your deck or whatever. In Duel 2, I sided the Prohibitions out for something more effective, like Bottomless, D-Prisons and Black Horn of Heaven for Chaos Dragons and Dino Rabbit, and you can do whatever you want for other matchups. It's really flexible. And I love flexible cards. More utility with such a fragile deck is much appreciated. Also I fear Inzketors quite a bit when playing this deck, so this really is the best counter in my opinion that can also double as a lock for some other card if I've got the traps to deal with Centipede and Dragonfly. So give a few of these techs a go if you're playing Samurai, and even if you're not, still consider them for sure.

Thanks for reading guys, till next time, this is DEFER signing out. Have a good weekend.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Abyss Rising Exceeds - Look Out For Them

Hello all, and I've only got one exam left to go which is on Monday night. I leave to return to Brunei on the Wednesday straight after that but of course I'll still be blogging.

Shadow of the Six Samurai - Shien

First up is Shadow of the Six Samurai - Shien. Konami has revealed its effect to target monsters with an attack lower than 2000, and to then boost its original attack to 2000. So essentially, the monster that benefits the most out of this is obviously Kageki, as he still ends up on a sweet 3500 thanks to his massive boost. That's still good enough to take out whatever monster you may be up against. However, it sadly means that there is no protection for Shi En or Shadow himself, which sorta sucks. Of course Shi En can still boot another samurai off the field to keep him from dying, but it means that with only a couple of monsters, he can be run over rather easily, just as before, which is disappointing. Because you have to make Utopia in this situation, you can't push as much as you'd want to just so you can have the defence to survive, should everything go wrong.

Playtesting with my samurais yesterday, I noticed the number of times that the two extra counters that Shadow would have put on the field would have been so handy for either ridiculous gateway spamming, or to get Dojo up to four counters so that I could then bring out LSS - Enishi and win. Also, my current build seems to get alot more use out of Leviair than before. I think I just get to use LSS - Enishi more often which means that Leviair actually has a target. Hence, it can grab a banished Kageki, and if your field is also graced with a Shadow, then that means that you have an OTK because he can put Kageki at 3500, while he himself goes in for 2500, and Leviair for 1800. Shadow would likely have been summoned by overlaying LSS - Enishi and Kizan in this situation.

However, the combo that went off the most when I decided to draw the nuts without Gateway joining in the fun usually ended up in having a Naturia Beast, backed with a trap or two, while sitting alongside LSS - Enishi and a Kizan. And the coolest thing was that for this exact situation and tons of others, Samurai now have more support than ever before. And thanks to the new set Abyss Rising, here's why:

2 Level 4 Warrior-Type monsters
Once per turn, when a Level 4 or lower monster(s) is Special Summoned to your opponent's side of the field: You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card; destroy that monster(s).

Its effect has yet to be confirmed, but I doubt that it'll change to be honest. Its stats are rather solid but not especially high. Of course, his effect is what draws him apart from the other Rank 4 monsters that you could be playing. As I talked about in my last post regarding Shadow, Samurais suffer from potentially getting blown out when they all hit the field, and then a bigger attacker comes down that they cant get rid of quickly enough. Gandiva solves this problem really well, even if his niche effect is rather situational. With his effect, he has the ability to completely shut down the Dino Rabbit deck if you can setup faster than they can. Also it stops Wind-ups instantly if that means anything anymore. In Dino Rabbit, both Rescue Rabbit and Tourguide can do nothing at all. That leaves them with their Guaibas and Vanillas to take you down. However, their attack manipulation cards (Chalice and Lance) are useless if you've got Naturia Beast face-up. So in this situation you've got a very simple lock up.

In most cases, this option is gonna be better than making Shi En, trying to protect him and hoping for the best because they can easily bait his effect out. And furthermore, relying on having a live trap set just to ensure you stay on the field is not the best way to go. The above combo with Gandiva is excellent because it doesn't need traps to keep it going, and if you do, well you've won. Swap Gandiva out for Roach to take on the Chaos Dragon matchup, and you're still good to go. So now you have a toolbox of different strategies depending on the situation that you're facing.

Gagaga Gunman
2 Level 4 monsters
Once per turn: You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card; activate 1 of these effects based on this card's battle position. ● Attack Position: This turn, during the Damage Step, if this card attacks an opponent's monster, it gains 1000 ATK, and the attack target loses 500 ATK. ● Defense Position: Inflict 800 damage to your opponent.

Now here's another guy with an interesting effect. He can get over anything with less than 3000atk which is very handy to have. Now decks other than those that play warriors have an Excaliber-esque exceed to use. Also, his defence is rather solid. And the choice to be able to deal a bit of burn when required should never be overlooked.

Aside from all the other Mermail stuff and what not, Tannhäuser Gate looks like fun, letting you hit higher ranked exceeds, while Abysstrom possess quite a bit of raw power that someone might be smart enough to figure out how to use it more than effectively. Heraldics look alright so far but there isn't much to go off at the moment. I like the art on Number 9: Canopy Star - Dyson Sphere, but I doubt it'll do much in terms of being actually played. There's still a few more exceeds to be revealed as of yet, and I'll talk about them when they come out if they're good enough to be talked about. I won't likely do much analysis, if any at all, on Mermails because I've seen at least two other blogs that I read go quite in depth over them, so just check my recommended blog list every once in a while to see if anyone puts anything regarding them up. The set currently has lots of gaps as it is, so there is a chance that it could get alot better.

Sorry if this post was more directed towards how they provided opportunities for Samurai to get better, but this is what came to my head as their best use so far from a personal point of view. Of course, the September Banlist is closer than the release of this set in the TCG, so whether these points will be as relevant in the future has yet to be seen.

I've also picked up my first few MTG cards, being Sun Titan because he rocks the shit, and a few other cards like Splinterfright for this deck that I plan to make if the money necessary to do so appears from the sky sometime in the next month. I'm keen to enjoy Magic as I did in January earlier this year. Except this time, with my own deck, teched out in the way I'd like it to be. Should be good.

Till next time, this is DEFER signing out.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Royal Oppression, And Why It Must Return

Afternoon fellow readers. With both of my first two exams done and out of the way, I had hoped to chill on the internet today. My internet appears to have hit an all-time low in terms of speed which isn't very much fun at all. Whatever, hopefully it'll still be able to upload this blog post. If not, well you won't know anyway.

A couple of days ago I was thinking about the fundamental flaws of the March 2012 banlist and how it promoted exceeds, and then obviously in turn, special summons. I also thought about how the current format is essentially focused towards special summons and in some cases, spamming them (Chaos Dragons, Wind-Ups, and to a lesser degree, Rabbits). Then I remembered Royal Oppression. Why I forgot about in the first place I'll never know. But I recall throwing in my samurais just before it was banned and it really made the deck. The ability to setup your field and then keep your opponent off the board while saving the power trap you had for that one card that'd screw you over was amazing. Never mind that Shi En could also protect it from all the hate prepared for it. I don't know why I didn't put it in sooner but that's old news now.

Then I considered how it would impact the current meta if it was taken off the list and put back to one as it should be. It certainly wouldn't make every other banlist decision justifiable, but it would almost certainly help the format to retain some sense of structure. This is primarily because of a few reasons outlined below.

In the days of Teledad, throwing two or three synchros on the field with a DAD was powerful for its day. No massive mental jump there. But I remember when mirror matches suddenly became more and more complex as players decided on more "out-there" techs for their side decks. It wasn't until one player decided to main royal oppression, instead of siding it like the rest, that shit really went down. I can't remember his name, but you can imagine the deck with oppression backing it up. You'd have the above field of monsters. Your opponent somehow survives and tries to comeback with their own flurry of special summons. Upon flipping up Royal Oppression and achieving a simple +1 for a minor cost, you've now managed to keep their powerhouses from ever getting on the board, while also ensuring that any of their defenses can't stay on the board due to DAD being protected by Stardust.

And right there is the big difference between right now, and back then. You used to go all out and then try to keep your opponent out of the game if you didn't manage to OTK them. Now, you can keep putting out 1/2 major special summons every turn to keep applying the pressure on your opponent. Except the only difference is that you HAVE to keep doing this in order to win. Rabbits, Windups and Chaos Dragons need to continuously special summon turn after turn over the course of a duel. Rabbit doesn't come under this bracket as much due to the lockdown provided by Laggia and a few backrows, but it should definitely still be considered as 2/3 turns of "Rabbit => Laggia, Tour Guide => Leviair brings back Rabbit => Laggia", does net easier wins than usual. And it isn't that rare either.

On that note now consider the return of Royal Oppression. Rather than providing ridiculous lockdown with a field of boss monsters, you now instead put them out turn after turn, which Oppression prevents. Wind-ups do go all out in one turn, but with Oppression up along with a little protection, they wouldn't have a chance in hell of winning. So, if you yourself are playing one of these decks or something similar and are maining oppression, you think you'd be on the road to victory too right? Not necessarily. If the game does turn in the tide of your opponent while you still have your own oppression up, you risk locking yourself out of the game which would most certainly spell disaster and eventual loss. This is because, as I mentioned before, the top decks NEED to special summon. The days of the powerful normal summon monsters that hold their own are gone. Honestly though, with players having the option choosing to use 3 MST, 1 Heavy, Dust Tornado, Night Shot, Royal Decree, along with numerous S/T destruction monster cards, Oppression wouldn't be that hard to hit mid-game at all.

And in this simple yet powerful observation lies the essence of why Yu-Gi-Oh was so much fun before. You actually had the mind games concerning whether their deck would run it or not. Do they currently have it facedown and should I go off? And to throw an opponent off, a duelist may even have run it regardless of whether it hurt their main strategy or not. Forcing an opponent into a position where they have to overextend and then you stop them cold mid-way through their combo really does provide wins. Or, conversely, one could force one's opponent into activating it prematurely. Hence, the timing of activation of Royal Oppression was really key and could easily separate good players from the bad. You had to bait your opponent out, give them the idea that it was safe to push. And then from this, there were all the mini-strategies within a deck based around "how am I going to deal with / work around Oppression should it be played?" and "how much would Oppression affect my deck's win condition?". Players often wasted their only MST for an unknown backrow, only to get screwed over by a well-timed Oppression a turn or two later.  Some players didn't even play it themselves because they knew their opponents would be, leaving themselves with more room for other mained techs. They forced them to have to throw it up if they had it and then used it against them, getting the use out of Oppression for free. It ultimately was one of the most skilled cards in terms of considering it in one's gameplan, both when used by you and against you.

Royal Oppression would also prevent sacky top-decks from determining games such as BLS. Now don't get me wrong, drawing BLS doesn't immediately give you the game, but if you're down to the point where each player only has one or two cards, then it WILL make a massive difference as to who is the victor. That much is not debatable.

However, Oppression isn't without its flaws. It proves to be way too powerful in decks that lockdown and protect it very well. One such deck is Six Samurai, with its replacement, Rabbit, doing largely the same thing for the most part. But one could argue that since Laggia only negates once, and can't individually protect itself, that maybe Rabbit wouldn't main it because they'd be shooting themselves in the foot if their opponent managed to get through Laggia and their couple of backrows. Because really, a few vanillas, and with Tour Guides and Rabbits dying instantly, the deck would be as effective as a Magikarp using splash.

Yes MST is at 3 with Heavy Storm also around, but if Konami decide to make a counter-intuitive non-dick move by bringing it back in September, then as much as I'd hate it, MST would have to be hit in some way. Not only for the above reason of nuking your oppression and going off again, but also so that players that blindly throw away their MST's would be punished as the opportunity to use MST's raw power would decrease per duel. Then the players that wisely time their MST's would see the results of their play pay-off over the course of a duel.

Bringing back Royal Oppression while limiting MST (there is Dust Tornado to turn to instead after all), could ultimately prove to be the saving grace of Yu-Gi-Oh's skilled competitive play. Of course these aren't the only changes that should be implemented. There are still various other smaller problems that could be fixed in a variety of ways. That much is up to Konami to decide upon. And it is with great hope, that I wish they do so.

Till next time, this is DEFER signing out.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Update and Exams Incoming

Well, I've been out all weekend, and as such, haven't done any revision for the two upcoming end of semester exams on wednesday and thursday. The first one is the one that I'm most concerned about, so I'll be doing some massive cramming sessions over the next few days. Once they're both done though, I've only then got two more - one exam every week for two weeks - which is sick. So my next blog post should hopefully be up on thursday afternoon or friday if I've found something interesting to blog about.

For now, all I can say is that one should be keeping a close eye on the upcoming Sea Serpent Structure Deck as it looks to be able to vomit cards onto the field and recycle them with ease. Not to mention they have a searcher (stratos-esque effect) as well. While they may have all the nifty tricks, I have no idea atm how consistent they'll be based on the cards seen so far. But I DO reckon they'll make an impression - at least in the OCG anyway. Time will tell I guess.

Also I just read this post by Mike and I must say that I was thoroughly impressed with this overview.
Really makes you consider the value of the timing of played cards and questions your generic playstyle in yugioh. Definitely a good read for anyone who wants to improve their gaming mentality, me included.

*First short post ftw*

Till next time, this is DEFER signing out

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Yes I Am Alive + Shadow of the Six Samurai - Shien

Alrighty guys, this post has been LONG overdue but there were various reasons for this such as me not being into yugioh/no-real-news for a week, then I had heaps of uni work that bogged me down for another week, and finally, my internet has been fagging out for the past few days. But after many swear words and a couple of unforeseen early nights, all is well and I am finally able to post this up. I swear I haven't even been to a locals in like 3 weeks thanks to parties, uni work, and sleeping in on that rare day where I have nothing else that I am committed to. Here's another long post for you guys to make up for my laziness.

Shadow of the Six Samurai - Shien

Anyway, first up is Shadow of the Six Samurai - Shien. He's already been blogged about a little but I really wanted to do so myself seeing as this is straight up the card I've been looking forward to the most in the last few months. His effect is as follows:

2 Level 4 "Six Samurai" monsters
Once per turn, During either player's turn: You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card to target 1 face-up "Six Samurai" monster you control with less than ?000 ATK; its original ATK becomes ?000 until the End Phase. (amounts unconfirmed)


I love the name and the reference to the samurai lore whereby he is acting as Shien's double. His art is smexy to say the least that I actually prefer it over Shien himself. But I've been looking over the pojo thread every day waiting for confirmation. So far the consensus seems to be that his target has to have less than 3000, and will be boosted to 3000. If this actually turns out to be his effect, this achieves a few things that samurais really wanted. Firstly, it means that Shien (with bros around) can't be rushed in one turn and then die. Secondly, it allows you to get over bigger monsters that you otherwise would have to synchro to get rid of. Additionally, Kageki, Enishi and Kizan become 4500, 3500 and 3300 respectively which is very daunting to say the least. Kageki could have the potential to take down an OBELISK. Of course, against a clear field it also just allows you to hit for more damage and kill them outright rather than having to wait until the next turn.

Next, he is easy to summon being rank 4 by using 2 kizans and sets you up for more special summoning thanks to gateway and the counters that he'll add to that when he's summoned. So he can essentially be free in most respects if gateway is up. If it's not, he can add a bushido counter to a united stuck on 1, or a dojo that needs one more counter to bring out an enishi, hand or whatever. Another point to consider is that if he actually does have the 3000->3000 as speculated, he can target himself which is a bonus among much else because that means he doesn't need another samurai up = solo boss. Also as a side-note he can be brought back by gateway. That's not much of a bonus, I know, but it could come in handy once in a hundred games. And that's really all you need to improve consistency.

In a sense, Shadow has become the Trishula of the samurai deck. No don't go all flaming me and shit as I'm not comparing what they specifically do but rather, what they do for the deck. Trishula was instantly the go-to when you were facing a problem monster (aside from an advantage and field-clearing perspective). The fact that an opponent can't just special summon into a big guy and take down your Shien with ease in one turn means that you've given yourself an extra turn's grace to comeback. Now grapha can be met and laughed at, shining becomes possible to get over without hand or enishi, and chaos dragons can go and suck it. Seriously, the relatively weak bodies of the samurais have honestly been the thing that has hurt me the most out of anything else when I've played them, such as monster effects and such. I really hate making my field even once I've bated out most of the danger cards that I believe my opponent to have, only for them to clear my field, leaving me to top-deck. Because as much as I wish they could, samurais cannot top-deck for shit. Especially when compared against rabbit and inzektors.

Now again, I'm not saying that Shadow is the most broken of the samurai or anything like that but what he does do is address a few small problems that occasionally cropped up in the deck which I have already outlined above. Now your kizans aren't stranded without a boost, and you can actually go on the offensive while still retaining that defensive stance thanks to his once-per-either-turn effect. And even if it ends up being a boost to a more reasonable 2500, it'd still benefit the deck a whole lot. In short lol, I can't wait to use him.

Other News

I am pretty keen for a battle pack tournament, although after reading various blog posts, the recurring gist that I seem to get is that the quality of your pulls are determined by how many tourguides you rip. Now while this may sort of seem obvious, I don't like how it's apparently more of an issue than I had originally thought.

Also, I've had a good go on Yu-Gi-Oh BAM on facebook and while it can barely be called yugioh, it is great fun in its own regard in a sort of bash-and-crash way. At least at the start anyway. I was greatly saddened though when today, I opened yugioh bam and it had me starting at the very beginning for some studid reason. I was all the way to lv13 :( Maybe it's out of beta, I dunno, I can't be bothered to research tbh but now I really don't care. But what it did do was remind me in a small way of what yugioh used to be like on a basic level which was the best bit for me really. It was just nice as something different to do as opposed to DN or something which is what I'm going to be talking about next.

I have become very tired of DN lately and as such have done less testing and had less playtime on it than ever before. Why is that you ask? Well because by the time I have free time to do so, it's late. Really late. And all I want to do is simply have a good game with some hard thinking only infrequently required in small amounts.

Enter DN noob.

Why is it that no matter who I play against, no one seems to have any idea how Yu-Gi-Oh works at a basic level all the way down to its mechanics. It actually pains me to see people hope to negate my shit with mst, say my trigger effects have no priority (massive wtf moments), say my trigger monsters lose their effects upon being flipped face-down, have contradictions even within their own stupid "rulings". And seriously, ALWAYS WITH THE FUCKING SCRAP DRAGON! I've had arguments where they've said he needs to tribute my monster as a cost to destroy theirs (this happens when they veiler). Or when they have it up and I book of moon it or something, yet it apparently somehow would still manage to destroy my monster.

One guy corrected me on a mistake I made when I misread a card having a cost when it was actually a requirement at the resolution of the effect. Fair enough, I dun goofed (it was 3 in the morning and I'd never used the card before). But not even 3 turns later, and I'm correcting him on the exact same basis of reason. Yet he wouldn't believe me. Eventually we got on with the game, but then he gets butthurt at another point about something else and jesus it pissed me off. Especially since the game itself was well-structured and needed careful plays. This just ruined it.

Seriously DN noobs, please gtfo and let me duel in peace.

I know everyone has their own 'experiences' on DN but I had to put this out there just to keep myself sane.

Now that that's out of the way, I'd also like to draw your attention to something else.

Now while these are likely just fakes posted up by some fan, their arts are awesome, and their effects are way cool. The main thing though, is that of course Konami are going to have to eventually make legendary XYZ as they always do in very generation. So this idea might not be that far off.

No news otherwise aside from me picking up an ultra malicious (he's like my favourite card), a gaia dragon and SIM for the lulz, and finally 2 kaiser gliders as a side for my monarch deck. Now while they aren't exactly optimal, what they do provide is a way to get rid of laggia because they function like Grandmaster of the six samurai. Even if they warning him, he's still going to get his effect off, and because he can't be destroyed in battle with another 2400 they'll still likely hit him with it so that they can actually go on the offensive rather than having to work around him later. Then I can keep my actual monarchs for later. And if anything else, he's a light for black luster envoy. Still on the look-out for a cheap Photon Strike Bounzer but alas, no luck so far. Do message me if you've got a good offer though.

Till next time (which hopefully won't be too far away this time), this is DEFER signing out.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Mystic Piper Chaos

Firstly, I'd like to give a shoutout to a fellow blogger named Mike Bonacini at For those of you who are not familiar with his blog, his posts are great reads and he's been on a hiatus for about 6 months, but now he's back into the blogosphere which is great news. He was the main inspiration for me making my blog, so all credit to him. And now, onwards.

A couple of my friends have been pretty keen to grab this decklist off me. It's nothing special. If it's not the exact build of the guy who topped with it, it'll only be 1 or 2 cards off. The main reason I didn't really change anything was because I felt it ran quite well and I enjoyed it alot. A change of one or two cards could disrupt the flow of the deck. Anyway, here's the decklist:

The deck is really self-explanatory. I was amazed at how something like this didn't get more notice beforehand. I remember pulling an OCG one a while back and just heard everyone saying "Oh yeah he's good", "That's deck's not bad", and I was like "well, how exactly?". When this topped I was pleased to say the least, as a deck like this has so many options at its disposal. And decks such as this really provide tons of enjoyment as you think and plan your ways through duels, and hopefully turn that into wins.

Looking at the deck though, one can only imagine how much the 2 mained D.D. Crows came in handy. They really are a great tech which also greatly benefit from being drawn via Piper's effect, allowing for more potentials draws. Three more veilers and a maxx c add to the massive Fuck You coming your way. And to round off the non-core aspect of the deck, two wisel really mess your opponent around. They'll spend so much time trying to get rid of them and the trags, the chaos monsters and tour guides should finish them off. And if you haven't noticed already, banish piper for chaos monster => tour guide => leviair => bring back a piper => tribute draw 1 or more. Thank you for coming.

As I said, the deck runs simply but isn't too linear, which is what I hate in decks as I feel they restrict my playstyle choices too much. Cyber dragon and rai-oh provide a great amount of control and allow you to push from the word "go" by being able to run over monsters and forcing your opponent to waste removal on them early. It runs a nice balance of big monsters alongside the combo monsters. Spells are generic aside from the avarice which is just for more resources. Mind control will be even more important now with photon strike bounzer being released to negate your stuff. So now, all you have to do is mind control it for the turn, and then overlay it for Gaia Dragon and laugh at your opponent. And the last little gem is obviously creature swap. It can definitely be game-changing to bring down a smaller monster and swapping it for a grapha, HERO fusion, the list goes on.

With Wan-Chan coming up for release in the TCG, there's no knowing how it will affect this deck. The ability to tutor any one of your main combo monsters straight out of your deck could prove to be game-changing.
"If you control a face-up Level 1 monster: Add 1 Level 1 monster from your Deck to your hand. During the End Phase, if you did not Normal Summon a card with the same name as the added monster this turn, you take 2000 damage"

And you're likely going to end up summoning it anyway, unless it's veiler of course. In which case I wouldn't mind paying 2000 for a veiler. Your opponent knows they can't go off, while you're still gaining advantage off piper next turn. They HAVE to do something. I haven't tried Wan-Chan!? in the deck yet, but it seems as if it'll have potential. The question is "how many do I run". No idea there, sorry. I would imagine running 1 and possibly 2 max. 3 seems way over the top but don't hold me to that. The consistency that it could add to the deck might be more impressive than you may think. The only other issue is deck space. There really isn't much to work with, so making space may prove more detrimental than helpful, but I'm sure there's room for at least one copy. The only card that I've sometimes seen being stuck as a dead card is avarice. But when it goes off, you usually have so many cards in your hand + a chaos monster, and you're good to go from there. Additionally 4 chaos monsters does sometimes prove to be a bit of a pain, but with a bit of proper set-up and thought, they DO pay off.

Once the TCG eventually get Constellar Ptolemys Messier 7, shit will go down. And it won't happen that often in this deck, but when it does, be prepared to win. A free re-use of any of the monsters in your grave is a great bonus.

So, give this deck a go and see what it does for you.

Till next time, this is DEFER signing out.