Sunday, June 17, 2012

Revival Of The Six Samurai

Yes, I really am giving you two posts that aren't over a whole week apart. Consider yourselves lucky. So, today was locals. Yeah, I too was surprised that I actually ended up going since it has been about a month since I last went.

I was keen to try my hand at a couple of battle pack boosters but they had managed to sell out of a whole CASE of the stuff. No biggie really, but I can't believe that it could go so quickly. But now, on to the tournament report. There were even more people there that I had never met before, so I didn't catch many names. Sorry if this post is again about Six Samurais but at least it's not a deck/card analysis of them this time right?

Deck Used: At this point, it's pretty obvious that it's Six Samurai lol

Match 1: Sorry didn't catch your name w/ Chaos Dragon (teched Monk, The Fabled Rubyruda and Galaxy-Eyes)
* Duel 1 - I had no idea what he was running but I had a decent hand so I decided to hit first and setup quickly. Turned out to be a good idea once Shi En and Enishi locked the board down not even two turns later.
* Duel 2 -I drew alright in terms of my Samurai line-up, but it wasn't good enough to go alone. So I let him have his second turn. After that, I drew into a Bottomless and let him have at it. I had a sub-par field in terms of monsters with only a Kizan and Grandmaster at one point. However the bottomless bought me a turn by banishing Light Pulsar and after drawing and setting mirror force when he had not even 3 cards in hand, it was all over.

Match 2: William w/ Gravekeepers
Quick shout out to Will, he managed to place 7th in the recent Nats just gone by so well done to him. Quite an achievement.
* Duel 1 - Samurai flooded the field thanks to Dojo and the special summon powers the Samurais possess. Enishi helped clean up. Naturia Beast stopped all his plays cold.
* Duel 2 - Samurai gave me another great hand and it only got better. I tried to tread really carefully since I knew he would have sided heavily and well. Also he had Dualitied into Torrential. With 2 Dojo, United and Kizan in my opening hand facing his facedown monster, I played them all to get the counters going and set Fiendish Chain and Warning. The next turn Warning dealt with the flipped up Spy. I then drew some other removal card for my turn before using United to draw one. It was Gateway. I left my turn there, Fiendish chain stopped whatever he was trying to do and it was mine again. I summoned Kagemusha and he Torrentialed but that made no difference with gateway on 4, and both Dojos on two. After a flurry of special summons, my field was Hand, 2 Kizans, Shi En and Grandmaster. Hand destroyed the facedown just in case it was a Snowman or something else dangerous. And the other four guys all went in for the otk after I called Gorz with Prohibition, just in case. He revealed his had to have had 2 Fossil Dynas in it. He didn't want to set it because of his facedown Torrential but it cost him big. On an entirely random note, I don't know why it took people so long to accept playing Dojo was a great idea. I played 2 even when Gateway was at 3, because as ridiculous as Gateway was in terms of advantage, Dojo put the thing straight onto the field for you.

By this point I was only 1 of 2 who had won all their games.
Match 3: Sorry I never got your name w/ Inzektors
* Duel 1 - I drew really well again. I can't remember what synchro I put down but it was a decent field. Actually it was most likely Naturia Beast from memory. With 2 Warnings over two turns to deal with Centipede and a desperate potential Hornet onto Hornet play, I took this decisively. I was going to activate Prohibition (super-awesome tech) after and call Hornet anyway though.
* Duel 2 - I smelt a set sangan so I left it while I tried to draw into better stuff. On either turn 2 or 3 I exploded with a Dojo and in-hand Samurais to again put Enishi down next to Shi En (again lol) which has to be the most broken play ever. I also had 2 Kizans or something like that, so after boosting Shi En to 3000atk another otk appeared, with Sangan not being able to give him anything to search that would have saved him. Sorta felt bad because this match honestly took no time at all. This also surprised me greatly, because I was really worried about Inzektors the most.

Match 4: Tyson w/ Windups
* Duel 1 - We started and I drew a very non-offensive hand with a ton of backrows (Solemn and Warning), so I slowly put them out turn after turn. I tried to Kageki and Kagemusha with a Dojo up, but a Book of Moon foiled my plans. Solemn Judgement stopped his Heavy Storm, and his attempt at a Zenmaioh was stopped thanks to Warning. So next turn I flipped up Kageki and synched into Shi En anyway and I brought out a Hand as a bit of backup. The turning point occurred after I had a Shi En up and we were both down to few cards. He summoned Tour Guide to which I Fiendish Chained. He activated a Seven Tools which I did not see coming, but thankfully I had a Magatama to deal with that and the next turn I had it in the bag. But then the round had to restart and everyone was re-paired which REALLY sucked.

Match 4 (take 2): Chris (the one who played Bubblebeat last time) w/ Dino Rabbits
I thought this would be a difficult match and boy was I correct.
* Duel 1 - I started which was fortunate. I had a hand that wasn't doing very much and I didn't know what he was playing so I just set Fiendish Chain. He opened Rabbit into Laggia which I tried to Chain, but a Lance dealt with that. He then set a backrow. I Heavy stormed the field which he didn't negate. I summoned activated Gateway, summoned Enishi but just to be sure, he negated its summon, which made my in-hand Grandmaster very sad. I was saving my Hand and Grandmaster for later though. That was of course, until he top-decked another Rabbit next turn, going into pair of Sabersaurus and that right there was game anyway. Never mind how I would have tried to get around another Laggia.
* Duel 2 - On turn 1 I drew absolutely amazingly with a Kagemusha, double Ascetism and Gateway. So naturally I decided to go all out and lock him out of the game sooner rather than later. Naturia Beast, Utopia and Grandmaster held him off for a while but he had drawn a mediocre hand, so my traps were able to stop his two or so major summons. Shi En came down for a bit of protection against traps but he had nothing, while a Kizan and Kagemusha combined to make Brionac (what's this white card) to bounce his last card and finish it up.
* Duel 3 - On turn 1 I made a Naturia Beast and Utopia again to try and stop him cold. I was also rather confident thanks to having both Book Of Moon and Bottomless set. His Tour Guide made Leviathan Dragon which I let though so I could save my traps for the Dinos. Leviathan attacked an Utopia defended. Turn 2 I made a Shi En, crashed my Utopia into Leviathan and ended. He set and passed. I attacked a facedown vanilla and he put Gorz down on my Shi En's attack. I set Mirror Force and ended. He put Gorz to attack position, leaving the token in defence. Mirror Force got rid of Gorz and from this point on I just tried to build up an offence, stopping another exceed play with Black Horn along the way. I couldn't get rid of the token for ages because it was too big but he couldn't push because he didn't have many playable monsters, and couldn't use anything under Naturia Beast's effect. A Sabersaurus never screwed me over when I forgot that I couldn't use either Shi En or Beast's effect during the damage step (massive duh) when Lance was played. Shi En tried to use Kageki to save himself but his Fiendish Chain said no to that. I had no response so he died. Sadface :( My field was Kageki, Beast, Book, Bottomless against his Sabersaurus and Gorz Token still in defense. I top-decked a RoTA and nearly cried. My deck had honestly answered my calls all day and even done better than than. Haven't opened the nuts this many times. It's never drawn this well for a whole day before. Let alone such quality opposing decks. He had no in hand cards, so I naturally searched Enishi and he was able to bounce the Gorz token thanks to Kageki still being on the field. Beast ran over Sabersaurus, and Kageki and Enishi finished off his last 800lp that I'd been trying to put through for like 7 turns at least.

So yeah, I actually ended up winning locals for the first time which was pretty kewl since I really just went there to play again with everyone more than anything. Got the new Turbo Pack 8 and 2 packs of Galactic Overlord. Pulled shit out of both which didn't surprise me because I only packsack really good foils from OCG packs for some reason. Don't ask me why. Managed to pick up another ultra Malicious for collection, along with a Mystic Piper, Kinka-Byo (yeah, bet you can't get what I'm trying to make), Hanzo, Maestroke, Duality, Shi En for someone else, 2 Binders for mates back in Brunei, and even more stuff. Really was a productive day. No one had Battle Pack Tour Guides for sale so stuff it, I'm just going to buy some for myself online.

As for the decklist itself, Hand proved to be really good again as always, but Naturia Beast was great. Shi En getting lured out is gay and as long as you have a couple of traps to back Beast with, it proves to be a very effective lock. Can't wait till I get the Gandiva to totally screw Rabbits over with. Also more protection against Wind-ups is never a bad thing. Didnt't need Roach today against Chaos Dragons and the like which surprised me. However, the MVP of the day was definitely Enishi. No card tells your opponent it's over like him. Black Horn's raw power against Dino-Rabbit was surprising. Definitely gonna be siding it in a bit more against them. Yes I did draw really retardedly today, but it's got to happen sometimes, right? Especially with Samurai. You know the story.

Prohibtion proved useful but I usually was going to win anyway when I had it. But it was great to be able to know that if I had any doubts about what could happen to my field and place in the duel, I could call the card that was most likely going to cause me problems. And say that I didn't have game in those situations, Prohibition would have put me in a much stronger position than I would have been. I usually sided these out in game two which might seem counter-intuitive. However, once you know what you're playing against while still in Duel 1, Prohibition can stop whatever you want it to stop at that specific point in time, so it's never dead. It gets around the common problem of, for example, running something like Bottomless in your main, playing against Inzektors and in Duel 1 realising that you've got two dead cards in your deck or whatever. In Duel 2, I sided the Prohibitions out for something more effective, like Bottomless, D-Prisons and Black Horn of Heaven for Chaos Dragons and Dino Rabbit, and you can do whatever you want for other matchups. It's really flexible. And I love flexible cards. More utility with such a fragile deck is much appreciated. Also I fear Inzketors quite a bit when playing this deck, so this really is the best counter in my opinion that can also double as a lock for some other card if I've got the traps to deal with Centipede and Dragonfly. So give a few of these techs a go if you're playing Samurai, and even if you're not, still consider them for sure.

Thanks for reading guys, till next time, this is DEFER signing out. Have a good weekend.

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  1. Actually Shi'en effect can be activated in Damage Step.